by R. E.  Davis.   5/10/17

You should know that perfection

Is a place I hope and want to be

But not something I can guarantee

But there is at least one thing

I can surely and safely say

Its that I want you with me every day

Sharing all the good and all of the pain

The days filled with sunshine and filled with rain

Then coming back with you to do it again

When I wake up and see you there

Only one thought can give me a scare

Its that I might miss something we could have shared

There’s so much I want to know

So many things I want us to do and see

And feeling lucky you’re giving it a shot with me,

Yes perfection is a place I hope and want to be

Something to strive for to be my best me

But still not something I can guarantee

Let It Go Poem by Rob Davis
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