The Protectors of Grand Central Station?

Due the proximity of my office to Grand Central Station, I often have occasion to walk through the main terminal either from the shuttle, going up or down the escalator to the Met Life Building or from one of the passages to or from Lexington Avenue. 

In recent months I have noticed a disturbing trend of groups of four to eight Police Officers, State Troopers or National Guardsmen congregating in one place, almost like it was a social event. As I’d pass these clustered groups they’d be chatting among themselves, sharing stories, at times laughing at whatever they’d just heard, but obviously oblivious to what was going on around then, and not being in the slightest way vigilant about the duty they were assigned to be there for, namely protecting the safety of Grand Central Station and the people therein.

One would think that they’d be patrolling different parts of GC in pairs, covering as much of NYC’s most desirable terrorist target as possible. But nope. Observing them as I have, you get the feeling that because nothing disastrous has happened so far, these people being assigned from the various services believe that nothing bad will happen.  See photos below.

I passed this group of 6 Defenders “bravely” all standing together and leaning against the wall on my Way to the Apple Store. 

When I left 20 Minutes later they were still doing nothing but chatting when I took this photo.

But when I started to video them things changed.

Watch the video below.

Protectors of Grand Central Station by Rob Davis

This was the coffee clatch of Police Officers protecting (???) this side of the corner.

You can just barely see the National Guardsmen around the corner.

Did we really need eight Defenders in one place, when a quick walk around GC revealed no other Officers guarding any other part of the station. 

Earlier in the week you can see three Troopers standing together along a wall.

It’s a bit difficult to see that just around that corner is a group of Police guarding the same corner.

Check the next photo to see what I mean…

I walked past this group of Troopers on 1/18/18 and watched them for several minutes from the Information Booth, before moving closer to get this shot.

They were so engrossed in each other that they didn’t even notice me, or anyone else coming or going past them either.


Please someone before it is too late!

Who is in charge here?!?!

The Protectors of Grand Central Station?

The Protectors of Grand Central Station?