Welcome to my website. My goal for establishing it is to enable me to share all the sides of me I am driven, by some internal mechanism, to express. They say that Gemini’s are two sided, but for this one there seems to be multiple areas I enjoy and love to share. High on the list is music. I love to listen to it, write it, sing it and perform it.

In fact, music is the only one on the list that has its own website, www.robdavismusic.com. If you click on the music tab on this page it will take you right there. On it are a few videos plus the two albums I’ve recorded. The first is my country rock album Together, with all original songs. The second is Pure LIfe, an album that I can only describe as Electro/R&B/House.

Please check them out on RobDavisMusic.com. From there you can also learn about my YouTube Station, or just go directly to www.youtube.com/robdavis music. Then if you like it please subscribe. There is no cost to do so and its a way for us to stay in touch.

The blog is the place to find Rob’s thoughts on life, love, joy & heartache – world events, challenges we all face  and how it all works.  It is where he freely expresses and welcomes you to do so too (with a bias to a tone that is non-judgemental or mean and obvious to be well-intentioned and forward-looking!)

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