Fund Raising for Hedge Fund Cares: The Young Professional Committee of Hedge Funds Care – Help for Children (www.HFC.Org) the charity I started in late 1998, hosted a fundraising party at The Dream Hotel in Chelsea, doing their part in the battle to protect children from the trauma of abuse. They managed to snag this Vodka company as a sponsor. I guess they figured it was a good way to promote their brand to the coveted hedge fund community that supports HFC. Well there I was, dancing with my lady when we were snagged off the dance floor to take those photos. One of my pals got his mug in there too. Of course they asked us to sign releases, and I’m sure they coined some serious change from their use, great shots that they are. But what the heck! It was a fun night, and helped some kids to boot!

Since 1998, Help For Children has worked to prevent and treat child abuse.

A global foundation supported by the generosity of Hedge Funds Care and Private Equity Cares, Help For Children provides grants to the most effective and efficient child abuse prevention and treatment interventions in six countries, making the world a safer place for children.

The recent Hedge Funds Care Gala in New York raised $1.5 million to benefit programs to prevent and treat child abuse. Click here to hear HFC Board Members discuss our mission and the impact of our grants.

Fund Raising Part for Hedge Fund Cares at The Dream Hotel in Chelsea