NY Center for Children  -  Preventing and Treating Child Abuse - Fund raiser at The Peninsula Hotel

I was introduced to the NY Center For Children in 2001 by Joel Press,  one of the great supporters and Board members of Hedge Funds Care/Help For Children. His daughter was interning there for the summer, and Joel thought they might be a “fit” for the kind of programs we were looking for to support. He was certainly correct and The Center has received many grants from HFC over the years.   

Joel Press
Joel Press Introduced Rob to the NY Center for Children

In a nutshell, The Center is where children who have been identified as probable, abuse victims are sent by the police or other authorities to receive a physical exam and be interviewed. It’s a tricky and highly specialized process but very important if the police are to make an arrest of the perpetrator.

The physical exam is conducted by a Doctor who has worked with abused children for 30 plus years and is considered a foremost expert in the field. She seeks signs of bruising or evidence of semen or some other physical indication of abuse. The “forensic” interview follows with the goal of helping the child tell “the story” of what happened without causing them even more trauma or driving them deeper into a protective shell.  The Center’s highly skilled social workers must put the child at ease sufficiently to allow that to happen so the child can be protected from further trauma.

At HFC we have dispensed more that a thousand grants over the years, all to compelling programs run by exceptional people. But I must admit that The NY Center For Children does hold a special place in my heart.