Written by Rob Davis

May 31, 2010


I went out walking this evening,

Passed by the park where we always went

I knew I shouldn’t cause it would make me cry

But I did and sure enough I cried

The shock has subsided a little

And when I cried

It wasn’t the sob-wracked kind like before

It was just a real sad cry

Cause its really a shame

All this time

I just can’t imagine why


Did you ever stop to think about our future

Or the beauty that our love brought to our lives

Did you ever stop to think about

The children we had in our dreams

The family we were going to become

Did you think about how far we brought each other

The feelings and the trusting and the fun

If you did then you would know

That its easier to go

Then work to build a life that has some meaning

Yes if you did then you would see

That its easy to be free

But hard to build a love to last for long

2 Bar instrumental

Pretty soon

Not sure when

Gonna start seeing other people again

All I ever wished for

And wanted all along

Was to share the beauty

And know where we belonged

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