Hello Jean,

This is Rob, the founder of HFC. Your brother David has been a friend for many years and I am personally delighted to welcome you into the HFC family. When I first got the idea in late 1998, it was to see if I could possibly, pull together a party of hedge fund industry people I’d met at various conferences and events. I had no notion of anything beyond pulling off “THAT” party.  To say the least, however, it was a good party and the first combo of philanthropy and networking in the industry. That is obviously no longer the case, and there is now lots of competition for philanthropy dollars, but none with such a clear, important and lazer focused mission as HFC. 

I have always considered preventing child abuse and providing treatment to those who have been victimized to be of paramount importance, and am deeply grateful that over the years we have been able to provide clinical services and tools for prevention to so many thousands of children.

I was not aware when I began this journey, just how underfunded this “cause” was. However, I have learned that while the funding for virtually every childhood issue comes primarily from the parents of the afflicted children, in the case of child abuse there is no parental constituency. As  a result, as an issue, it is at the very bottom of the barrel of what gets funding, making what we do so vitally important.

I’d be happy to discuss any of this further, or answer any question you may have. I’m thrilled you are bringing your knowledge and energy to such an important market, and very much look forward to meeting you at the earliest opportunity.

 Best wishes,


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