Our Style

Written by Rob Davis 4/03/05

We live in a house on a very busy street

out front the cars whiz by

at certain times of the day it can really be tough

just getting out of the driveway can be really rough

the location definitely lacks the neighborhood feel

being on a street with sidewalks and fences

houses side by side that tend to have children inside

who meet their friends and run around and play

whose moms call them in at the end of the day

like the postcard type of neighborhood but one that is real

when we moved to the burbs we lived in one like that

it was much better for our kids than a city habitatOur Style by Rob Davis Modeling Career

still it was a major adjustment in many ways

mainly for my wife who resisted the move

don't think you'll make me Sally Suburb she'd say

its pretty funny how things change over time

though we talk of moving back and where we would live

it's nice having space for her stuff and mine

it would be hard to go back to a much smaller place

we did move from that sweet neighborhood after a few years

to the house on the street where the cars whiz by

it's a warm, friendly house though no sidewalks connect it

and houses around are just too far away

for a neighborhood and contact with neighbors each day

so wit kids all grown and off in their own lives

our life is back to being about us

the traffic can be noisy in front of our house

but it's really quite peaceful out back in our yard

the kids stop by to chat about life, love or power

with a granddaughter due we had our first baby shower

it looks like we'll be in this house for a while

on the busy street where the cars all whiz by

hard to believe but the city's just not our style.