Rob's Acting/Singer/Dancer Life

During my active period of seeking theatrical related employment, this was the acting Composite and Resume I used as my calling card. It followed a few post college years of teaching school when I was in my mid-twenties. The composite/resume function was to provide a realistic representation of one’s appearance, and theatrical achievements, plus qualities & capabilities that might influence a casting decision. Of course, in today’s world these things are handled primarily through personal websites, email and  social media.

 The most notable thing that happened for me was being cast by choreographer Peter Gennaro and musical Director Peter Matz, to be one of four men, and four women chosen as the back up singer/dancers on the TV variety show, Kraft Music Hall.

It was notable because every singer/dancer in NYC who could, showed up at their initial “Open Audition.” Somehow I was able to hang in there through subsequent rounds, and in the end I got the call. It was something special, as I was able to work in a highly professional environment with such talented, successful and creative people. More about that later.

Rob's Acting/Singer/Dancer Life with Rob's Photo Resume