Ready To Move On Now

by Robin Edward Davis          

I’m ready to move on now

I let go and know

I’m on the right path

Open to every good thing

That comes my way now

Open to Love, health & happiness

Doing all that I can

Make this world a better place

I know that begins with me

I’m open to learning how

I am ready for moving on now

From bad decisions of the past

People who no longer contribute

To my higher good

I want to look back someday and know

That I did all that I could

I’m ready to move on now

To goals and places

I wish to achieve and know

To move on in new directions

Even it it means

Some of the old ones

May have to go

I’m ready to move on now

Ok with separation

Ok with letting go

Knowing that the old and familiar

Are the comfortable place

For me to be

But its clear that to find

The best me that I can be

Its time right now

Its time to set myself free

I’m ready to move on now

To be the best I can be

I may have to leave

Some things behind

And clear the space

For all the good things

I wish to be mine

I’m ready to move on now

Open and receptive

Free from doubt and fear

Ready to grow and soar

knowing that if I can be

Right within myself

That the best of life

Will find its way

Straight to my door

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