Hedge Funds Care - Our Impact

Twenty years ago I was blessed to come up with the idea to start Hedge Funds Care/ Help For Children, www.HFC.org,  now a global movement to save children from the trauma of abuse. Thank goodness, that I followed through to make something truly beautiful happen, to help deal with something so ugly, namely the sexual and physical abuse and neglect of innocent children.

As an organization, HFC has made donated more that $50million through over 1,000 grants to organizations in 12 cities, 6 countries and 3 continents. The great part is that we’ve helped thousands of children to recover from the trauma by providing the funding for professional clinical treatment, and saved countless others through HFC funded prevention programs.

Although I was the one who received it, this award was in recognition of the thousands of people who have participated in making possible, the tremendous contributions that “Hedge Funds Care/Help For Children” (www.HFC.org) has made to child welfare in the tri-state area since our first event on February 9, 1999.  I could not have been more proud than I was to be the person to accept the award. Today, HFC is an organization with branches in twelve cities, six countries and three continents, that has donated more than $50million through more than 1,000 grants, in helping thousands of children to recover from abuse through clinical treatment, and saved countless others from experiencing trauma through prevention. Hats off to all those who have participated and welcome to anyone who wants to get involved!

The rough part is that we know the field so well, and understand how many more grants we could make to help many more children if we only had the funds to do so. So much achieved, so much more to do. Join us if you’re so moved. Every child saved is a victory!

Please watch the videos below and learn more about Hedge Funds Care.  

All the best,

Rob Davis

Hedge Funds Care – Our Impact

Hedge Funds Care – Our Impact