To Mom - Hope To Make You Proud Of Me

To Mom -- Proud Of Me


I feel like I am

I hope that I am

I know that I am

Trying to convince myself

That its true

I am

A person who can

Do good things

I want to be

The one that others see

As doing everything possible

Giving all of me

To bring the best of myself

For as long as I’m here

Working through the challenges

And the fear

Standing up to evil and confusion

Taking only the highest path

In everything I say

And all that I do

Purely in truth

With no trickery

Or illusion

I want to be

The best that I can be

I want to make you

Proud of me

Is it something

I can really do

That I can give to you

I really hope

That someday

You can be

Proud of me

Written by a young RD - many years ago