Cabaret Campaigns: Ride the Blue Wave Impassioned

September 16, 2018 by Alix Cohen in Playing Around

“Is everybody angry?! Is everybody motivated?!” Stephen Hanks opens his series’ fourth iteration (in excess of $6000 raised so far) as tradition dictates, with a theme song written for it by Michael Roberts (see below). Though what each candidate receives is nominal, the producer points out that in order to avoid rampant corruption, some campaigns are wholly based on small donations, that the shows are cathartic and energizing, and that championing great performers is an added benefit. Vocalists and Musical Directors alike donate their talents.

Tonight’s presentation is the first consisting entirely of men, each of whom it should be noted, without request, chose a woman to endorse. Candidates were researched, selections often based on personal sympathies and/or home states; endorsements articulate and inspiring.

Cabaret Campaigns: Ride the Blue Wave Impassioned
Rob Davis Performing

Rob Davis: “I’m performing on behalf of current, Kansas State Senator (since 2005) and now candidate for Governor of Kansas, Laura Kelly. Laura has tremendous insight to the inner workings of the Kansas state government and would be a tremendous upgrade. She has a tough opponent in the current Secretary of State, and a Trump favorite for his fiercely, anti-immigration stance, Kris Kobach, who needed Trump’s help and won the Republican nomination by the thinnest of margins. My slogan for this battle is…”Koback Must Go Back!!!”

Davis opens with Willie Nelson’s “Still Not Dead” partially parodied by the artist himself. His full, sandpapery voice and committed delivery adds to impact. “You’re the One,” written by Davis, follows. Look to yourself/Not to the world…You gotta be yourself…Reminder not to be a sheep (or in today’s politics, a lemming) is needed at a time where people are too easily swayed by misinformation, geographic tradition, and lack of larger than local awareness. Ian Herman plays with authority and enthusiasm.