Gregorys Story of Help From The New York Center For Children

The New York Center For Children is a leading light in the ongoing battle to prevent child abuse and provide treatment to those who have been victimized. It is one of the first that was funded by, the charity I started in 1998 to save children from the trauma of abuse. The following is the story of Gregory.

Warmly, Rob

Gregory first started therapy at NYCC when he was 10. He was referred after his father physically abused him, his younger brother, and his mother. One day, Gregory’s father came home in a rage and threatened his mother with a weapon. Fearful for their lives, Gregory hid in the bedroom with his little brother and called the police. His father was arrested that night and Gregory never saw him again.

When Gregory started treatment, he was withdrawn and angry. He was upset with his father for the physical violence but also missed other aspects of their relationship. At 10, Gregory had difficulty verbalizing the conflict he felt inside, so his therapist helped him to express himself through play and art therapy. As he progressed in therapy, Gregory’s anger diminished and he began to seek support and comfort more often from his mother. After a year, Gregory ended treatment.

When Gregory was fourteen, his mother called and asked if he could return to therapy. She explained that Gregory was depressed and was overly critical of himself at school. Gregory exhibited signs of severe depression when he first returned to therapy and reported feeling sad and lonely. He easily reengaged with his therapist and began to verbalize his traumatic experiences. As Gregory talked through his trauma, his symptoms of depression abated and he reported feeling consistently happy for the first time he could remember. Like many children, Gregory was unable to process his trauma all at once. When he was young, his therapist created an environment that was safe and comforting where he could express himself symbolically. This made it easier for Gregory to return to NYCC when he was older to further process his trauma. Gregory is fifteen now. He is articulate, talkative, and friendly. He excels academically and feels hopeful and optimistic about his future.

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