Saving Children From the Trauma of Abuse in 2019

Make a Donation to Help for Children

Hello Friends,

Amazingly, this is the end of the twentieth year since I started Hedge Funds Care, also known as Help For Children, both with the initials HFC. Hence the website, For all those years we’ve been raising funds in the financial community and making grants to organizations with the mission of preventing and treating child abuse.

$55million plus and 1,000 plus grants later we are still at it, with chapters now in 12 cities, 7 countries  and 5 continents. In each chapter we partner with leading academic consultants from universities such as Columbia, U of Chicago, U of C – Berkeley, Emory, etc, to assist in our rigorous process of selecting the best programs to fund, and then to measure the results.

Many thousands of children have been saved and families made stronger by the clinical treatment and prevention programs funded by HFC. Yet it is always a battle to decide which ones to support going forward, because there is simply never enough to go around. And now, as the calendar moves on to 2019, our anxiety grows.

Will we be able to pull it off again or will we fall behind? It is important to say bye-bye to 2018 on a strong note. There are only days left to make the contribution in this calendar year. Please join us in this quest tosave children from the trauma of abuse.

Consider this! Every childhood issue you can think of is supported by the parents of the those afflicted children. In the case of child abuse, for obvious reasons there IS NO parental constituency! I tell you truly, what we do is extremely important to the organizations that HFC supports, and the children we are able to reach.

Please click the Donate Button and also read the note from Dean and Renee. Any amount will make a difference in a child’s life.

Wishing you a peaceful and happy 2019!


P.S. In case you missed it, check out the story of extreme athlete, Christian Griffith. He literally “Ran Across America” in the name of HFC, to raise awareness of child abuse, and to inspire people who have suffered to seek counseling, as he did after many years of pain. Peace & Blessings!