Billy Idol Rocks a Concert for Help For Children

Last  night Billy Idol rocked a concert for “Help For Children (”.  The charity devoted to preventing child abuse and providing treatment to those who have been victimized, the charity I’ve been involved with for the past twenty-one years. 

The event unfolded at Pier 5 and will be long remembered by everyone who was present.  Remembered for a performance that Billy told me after the show, was inspired by the HFC mission of saving children from the trauma of abuse.

Billy started strong and the intensity grew as he played his great hits, “Rebel Yell,” “Eyes Without a Face,” and “Mony Mony”.  And three hours-worth more in as inspired and high energy a show that I’ve ever seen performed live, anywhere!

Thank you Billy Idol! I hope our paths cross again!

~ Rob

Steve Steven’s and Billy Idol have been making music for 30 plus years, going back to the British punk-rock era. He is one of the most original guitarists in Rock & Roll history and continuously wowed the crowd.

Steve Steven’s is one of the most original guitarists in Rock & Roll history
Make a Donation to Help for Children
Billy blowing us away with his enduringly, great hit song “Rebel Yell”
Rob closing out the 21st year of HFC
Christina Bartnikowski
Rob & Billy

When I was just starting HFC, originally known as Hedge Funds Care in the late 1990’s, there was a huge industry conference each Fall in Bermuda. Mark worked for the company that organized the conference and would make sure my HFC promotional info was slipped into all the attendee bags at registration. It was an enormous help in spreading the word about the HFC mission of saving children from the trauma of abuse, an effort he’s continued as a valued Board Member. I’ll be forever grateful!

Rob & Mark Salameh
Rob sends his deepest thanks to all who have participated in what is now a global effort to save our children from the trauma of abuse! Thousands have been helped by your collective generosity!
Peace & Blessings…