Song Lyrics

Sometimes I feel like I'm a kind of vehicle that lyrics pour through. I can be driving in my car and a thought will start going through my mind that compels me to pull over and write it down. It happens when I'm out jogging, or watching a movie,  or trying to fall asleep. I can be just about anywhere and find myself searching for a pen and something to write on, so I don't lose the thought.

On many such occasions, a tune is part of the deal. When that is not the case, it may become a contribution to my poem collection. Sometimes the entire song pours out in one spasm, though it may also be quite some time until it comes together. Even when I think it is finally done, it is not unusual for significant changes to unfold before that is actually the case.

I have notebooks and folders full of such partially completed thoughts which are impossible for me to discard. out of fear there might be a gem in there someplace.

What I know is that writing songs or what might end up poems is not a choice for me, but rather a compulsion driven by some force I cannot describe except by the evidence that pours forth.